There are lots of ways to help out Poms! Everyone with Recycled Poms is a volunteer. Without you, we couldn't do it!  Please click on the button to the right to help.

  • Become a foster parent (click the button on the right)

  • Donate money or supplies

    • Donate via paypal

    • Donate auction items

    • Donate supplies: Plastic crates, cleaning supplies, and new collars, harnesses, and leashes.

  • Volunteer your time

    • We work concession stands at many events through the year including July 4th, Oktoberfest, and golf tournaments. It's a great way to get to know your fellow pom lovers and makes a HUGE difference in the amount of dogs we are about to rescue. 75% of our funding comes from these events.

    • Help at Pom Central. We can always use help bathing and grooming dogs, walking and playing with dogs, even just cuddling with dogs to help those who need socialization.